Our Staff

General Information

Grand River Academy main number: (970) 254-6393


Steve States
[email protected]
Linnea Watson
Asst Principal
[email protected]
Becky Wyatt
Secretary to the Principal
[email protected]
Michelle Haptonstall
Blended School Counselor
[email protected] Ext. 69103
Judi Weber
Online School Counselor
[email protected] Ext 69201
Amy Stocks
Progress Monitor
[email protected] Ext. 69123
Tilisa Clement
Progress Monitor
[email protected] Ext. 69206
Jenn Lasha
[email protected] Ext. 69142
Kay Anderson
Online Secretary
[email protected] Ext 69202

Elementary Teachers

Lashell Allen [email protected] Ext. 69149 Blended
Karla Durmas [email protected] Ext. 69102 Blended
Aretha Rabito [email protected] Ext. 69107 Blended
Charmaine Adams [email protected] Read Act Para

Middle school teachers:

Neil Kuiken [email protected] Ext. 69158 Blended
Katie Peterson [email protected] Ext. 69147 Blended
Betsy Warner [email protected] Ext. 69105 Blended
Laura Adams [email protected] Ext. 69118 Blended
Lisa Adams [email protected] Ext. 69214 Online
Paula Cooper [email protected] Ext. 69215 Online



Secondary teachers

Ken Ahrens [email protected] Ext. 69117 Blended
Ann Peterson
[email protected] Ext. 69100 Blended
Debra Weller [email protected] Ext. 69109 Blended
Paul Stoner [email protected] Ext. 69108 Blended
Randi Overturf [email protected] Ext. 69208 Online
Stacie Almarez [email protected] Ext. 69217 Online
Riana Bichler [email protected] Ext. 69207 Online
Jon Carpendale [email protected] Ext. 69212 Online

Elective Teachers

Dara Fubler [email protected] Ext. 69216 Online
Larry Sanders [email protected] Ext. 69219 Online
Carrie Thornton [email protected] Ext. 69218 Online
Marylou Wetherstein [email protected] Ext. 69201 Online

KPP teacher

Roxy McManus [email protected] Ext. 69104

Resource staff

Rachel Smith
Special Education
[email protected]
Ext. 69110
Andrea Grattan
Special Education
[email protected] Ext. 69116
Kyle Carmichael
Special Education
[email protected] Ext. 69221
Tyra Clinkingbeard
Special Education
[email protected] Ext. 69213
Natasha Humphrey
[email protected]
Ext. 69211
Vicki Owen
[email protected] Ext. 69210
Fran Randazzo
[email protected] Ext. 69205
Brenda Chinn
Gifted and Talented
[email protected] Ext. 69148
Ed Hockett
[email protected] Ext. 69119

Health Staff

Felice Daniels
School RN
[email protected]
Ext. 14124