Career /College Information

Transcripts: What They Tell Us/How to Read Them:

Freshman Transcripts (9th Grade)
Sophomore Advisory (10th Grade)

Juniors/Seniors Advisory (11/12th Grade)

Click on the link below to view these resources from CMU and District 51 regarding going to college and the resources available.

The College and Money Show

Naviance: Career/College Exploration Tools: 
      Self-Help guides to researching your Career & College goals

Student Asset Naviance Curriculum Guide

·         Naviance Curriculum  Data Sheet

·         Naviance Curriculum - Lessons at a Glance Overview

·         Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum

   All 6th - 12th graders: Individual Career and Academic Plans - ICAP 
     *6th Grade-
     *7th Grade-
     *8th Grade- Interest Survey / Career Fair
     *9th grade: Transcript/Create Academic Course Plan (Courses tab - manage courses)
     *10th grade: Virtual Job shadowing (Careers tab)/ WCCC tours)
     *11th grade: Game Plan (About Me tab) and College Search (Colleges tab)
     *12th graders: College and Scholarship Search (Colleges tab) Grad. Survey in May 
               (About Me tab)

Consumer Affairs guide to college career planning - 
College Career Planning

Juniors and Seniors remember to check out Colleges in Colorado. 

For quick links to each day’s tasks, go to
Find all your college planning tools on

FAFSA - Federal Financial Aid form –

Remember even scholarships require parents to complete the official application.  The process should take no longer than an hour, you will need the following documents:

     *  Social security numbers (parents and students)

  •  Tax information for 2017

That’s it! Super simple super-fast and your student will be ready to roll for their freshman year.

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Michelle Haptonstall  Or Mrs. Becky Wyatt at 254.6393 or by email at or

College Opportunity Fund - Apply here for stipend available for all Colorado residents attending Colorado colleges -

Employment and Job Training Services:

The Mesa County Workforce Center offers a variety of programs, both seasonally and year around, to fit youth between the ages of 16-21, from all backgrounds. Depending on your interests, the Workforce Center has a variety of options for you to choose from. For more information call 970-245-0197.  

Guide for school loans and financial aid-

A guide that hopes to help students, graduates, and their families understand the available grants and loans as well as the tools that can help make managing debt easier. You can see the entire guide along with its features here:


a. Paying for College Without Loans -

b. Understanding Your Loan Options -

c. Student Loan Repayment Programs -

d. Debt Management -