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PSAT (10th and 11th grade)

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s) & Students:
The Colorado Department of Education is offering all Colorado public school students in 10th grade a chance to take the PSAT™ 10 and in 11th grade the SAT®. These assessments are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and measure the skills and knowledge needed for college and career readiness.  SAT will be administered on April 14th and PSAT 10 will be administered on April 15th.  
College Board, the provider of the SAT Suite of Assessments, provides a number of structures to support students’ and their families’ ability to connect to key opportunities available to them. As such, the College Board gives students and families complete discretion regarding the additional, voluntary information they disclose beyond the minimum needed to register and score our assessments. Prior to testing, students taking these exams will participate in a preadministration session to:
1. Complete required student information needed for scoring,
2. Participate in the optional questionnaire
The optional questionnaire collects information that is used for group reporting, for analysis to make sure the exams are fair, to connect your student with potential colleges or scholarship opportunities, and for research.
Attached is a sample "Student Data Consent Form" that students will be asked to fill out to indicate whether or not they wish to complete the optional questionnaire. This sample also contains a listing of the information that will be requested of your student (both required and optional information). You will also notice that students are able to sign their own names on the Student Data Consent Form in Colorado. 
"Official" forms will be sent in a few weeks.  Please review the form with your student to help make the best choice for them.  As always, please call with any questions.