Principal Steve StatesMessage from our Principal:

Welcome to Grand River Academy!

I am excited and feel fortunate to be the principal of such a dynamic school.  The staff and I are committed to creating a blended learning experience based on high expectations for students both on campus and online.  Grand River Academy’s approach to learning gives students control over their education and puts them in the driver’s seat.  Our innovative approach provides one of the best personalized learning experiences in the State.  Our online learning platforms offer rigorous but engaging learning opportunities for students.

At Grand River Academy we place a high value on our partnerships with parents, guardians, and families and we invite you to be a part of helping your child achieve their full potential.  Parents/guardians and families are a vital part of the student’s educational team.  You contribute greatly to the success of your student at Grand River Academy.  We value family and the role that it plays in the education of our students. You are truly your student’s first teacher.

We know that relationships make the difference in a student’s education. While we don’t see your student every day, we make the most of the time we spend with them and work hard to build those valuable relationships with them. Our teachers are local and highly qualified and believe in nurturing the whole child. 

We also want students to have the opportunity to build relationships with one another.  We offer clubs and field trips on off days to provide students with the opportunity to interact with one another and with our teachers to contribute to building strong relationships.  Students may participate in photography club and build their skills in the art of photography.  They may participate in cooking club and have the opportunity to learn about Asian cuisine or how to bake a variety tasty treats.  Students take field trips to local destinations and have the opportunity to learn about what makes our area special and explore career opportunities. These are just a few of the extra-curricular activities we offer. We also offer other onsite learning chances for students to receive additional help one on one or in small groups on off days. 

Grand River Academy is a special school that provides an innovative approach to education and learning. As part of School District 51 we offer all of the advantages of the traditional educational system, but through a unique online and onsite delivery model.   As part of District 51, middle and high school students have the opportunity to participate in classes at their home schools, such as band or a foreign language.  We have the support of the district curriculum departments and other departments such as maintenance for our building.  But we don’t follow the traditional school schedule.  The flexibility that we offer works well for many families.

I am happy that your family is attending Grand River Academy.  You will be pleased with the “choices, opportunity, and success” that we offer your student. Our vision and mission clarify what is important in our educational community:

Our Vision:

An empowered learning community driven by challenge, curiosity, and compassion.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me, email me, or set up a personal meeting with me. My door is always open to you.

Warmest Regards,
Steve States, Principal
[email protected]