Why Choose an OnLine/Blended Learning Education

For a variety of reasons:

  • Talented and gifted students who are bored with the pace of their classroom lessons
  • Need more time than the standard classroom allows to master concepts
  • Feel they don't fit into a traditional classroom setting or brick and mortar building
  • Are easily distracted in a classroom setting
  • Young parents
  • Working students
  • Students who want a more technologically driven, 21st century learning experience
  • Are homebound, or undergoing medical treatments
  • Students/Families who simply feel that this way of learning is right for them

This 21st-century academic option will provide families and students looking for online education with the tools and support they need to achieve their educational goals. Whatever the individual student's reason, this dynamic programming is the only locally supported option for families in mesa county and D51 who want well-rounded, academically successful children with strong character in a partial or fully online option.  Online education attracts students nationwide for its flexibility and how it fully includes parents in their child's education.  The partnership between school and home is critical in the virtual learning environment.

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